Monday, January 19, 2009

Its All About Choices

Abigail is a bit slower to wake-up than the average member of our household and she often says that her "legs hurt" in the morning.  Its one of those things that as soon as the blood is pumping, she never mentions it again....until tomorrow morning.

So, this morning as I ask her to bring something upstairs (shortly after she has awakened), I start hearing the whole, "my legs hurt to walk - can someone else do it?"

I start to say, "Abby, Let's go." (my inner dialogue is saying, get over it) and then I stop myself COLD and decide to try one of Danny Silk's, Loving Your Kids on Purpose techniques.
(We are huge fans of Danny and use his style of parenting in our home but his examples were especially fresh in my mind after just reviewing some of his material this past weekend)

Here's how our conversation proceeded:

Me: Abby, If you are unable to walk up and down the stairs in the morning, I don't think it would be wise for you to continue gymnastics.  Its your choice.  You can either happily walk the stairs each morning or you can remove yourself from the gymnastics roster. 
(this is said in the kindest and most sensitive voice - a huge part of what makes it work)

A: Why wouldn't I be able to continue gymnastics?

Me: Peaches, I'm concerned about putting that kind of strain on your leg muscles if walking seems to be taxing them.  Its completely your choice.  Take your time deciding.

A: (after considering options for about .2 seconds... and with a smile)  I'm going to be happy and walk the stairs.

And that, my friends, was the end of that.


Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Hahaha! Why do I feel like I've had similar conversations? I love how those little minds work!

Jen said...

Great post.

Abby - you are so sweet and I KNOW that you are going to be so grateful you made that decision when you are swinging on the parallels and dancing on the floor in gymnastics. :)

Aunt Jen

Becky said...

Very good decision Abby!!!

Kingdom Mama said...

Oh, I love this!! Great post! And good choice Abby;)

Shelby said...

Love it!! I don't know who Danny Silk is, but we have been using the choices idea since Joshua was a wee little one...he is 17 now! It works!

Abby is one smart cookie!